Dance Energy

Dance Energy

A brand new Dance Energy! Each new battle is exciting in its own way! Each new battle has different music and dance animations. Discover all the levels of it!

This is a competition area — get achievements and take the highest places in the ratings!
Tell the world about yourself and compete with other players.
Prove that you are the best!

How to play:
— Study all the objects carefully in the training game
— Tap on neutral objects when they reach the blocks
— Tap on the positive objects when they reach the blocks
— Skip (don’t tap on them!) negative objects when they reach the blocks
— For each collected item in the combo chain, you’ll receive a point
— The combo chain is interrupted if you skip a neutral object or click on a negative object
— Collect more points than your opponent
— Win!

Features of the game:
— Stunning lighting effects on each location;
— Many different character animations;
— Attractive movements in each new battle;
— A huge music library;
— Unique visual effects;

Good luck in the game!