Demonstrate your playing skills — in a fair fight with real opponents!

The game will remind you of classic tetris, but this is something new!

Show your skill and speed in completing the puzzle by filling in empty cells in the tape that moves towards you. Just draw shapes with your finger that fill the void and destroy all the lines — you will get points for this. The further you remove blocks from the field of generating figures, the more points you get!

The main features of the game:

Colorful locations

Tactilely pleasing figure drawing

Various color schemes for dice

Three boosters will help you score more points

How to play:

Just draw the correct shapes with your finger to fill in the empty space in the ribbon.

Levels with the enemy — yours are completely identical

Your task is to score as many points as possible using skill and boosters

Try to shoot faster with correct pieces

Booster «Freeze» — will stop the total time for 5 seconds

Booster «Stop» — stops the movement of the line for 3 seconds

Booster “Autoshot” — removes nearby cubes

Forward to fair battles and victories!

Become the leader in the standings, you can do it!