Merge Tiles

Merge Tiles

New entertaining puzzle!

You have to show your ingenuity and speed in order to collect maximum points for the victory won. This is the territory of competition — win in fair play and take the highest places in the leaderboard!

How to play:

— Collect three tiles of each denomination to get the next tile rank

— The higher the number on the tile, the more points you get for each match of three such tiles

— Use boost X2, it doubles all the points you get during the action

— Boost: Rearrange — useful for swapping tiles for a match

— Freeze the time of freeze boosts — as soon as it drops out

— Take the highest positions in the rankings and get rewards

The main features of the game:

— Different levels of difficulty, diversify the gameplay

— Many useful boosts — they will lead to victory faster

— Compete with real opponents in fair conditions