Solitaire Blitz

Solitaire Blitz

Test your skill in daily events! Play with people at your skill level! Get ready to win money and play for real prizes!
We’ve created Solitaire Battle Blitz to help you pass your free time with fun and joy.
Solitaire Battle Blitz is an exciting online game in which you compete with real players from all over the world!
Created with the support of the Skillz platform, it will give you a fun and unique multiplayer game experience!
Modern design, simple and intuitive gameplay will not let you break away from the game for a very long time.

How Solitaire Battle Blitz works:
— here is a field with a deck of 52 cards spread out in 7 piles,
— the goal of the game is to arrange the cards by suit in ascending order from ace to king in 4 piles,
— move the cards on top of each other with a higher rank, but of a different color (black or red),
— whoever lays out the cards according to all the rules faster wins.

More cool key features of Solitaire Battle Blitz:
— face off against players selected just for you by Skillz platform;
— the game takes 5 minutes: choose one and play whenever you want,
— you and your opponent see the same field, so you can rely solely on your ingenuity and attention,
— challenge players from all over the world or invite your friends to play,
— fitable for smartphones and tablets;
— incredibly fun and engaging.

Download, play Solitaire Battle Blitz and win! It’s totally free and easy!