Sea Puzzle

Sea Puzzle

Sea Puzzle — is an exciting online game where you compete with real players from all over the world!
Created on Skillz platform this block puzzle game will give you a fun and unique multiplayer experience! Colourful design, thrilling gameplay won’t let you stop playing this game all day long!
Play for fun! Dive into tournaments and face to face competitions with real players for virtual game currency. Test your speed and concentration skills playing against people from all over the world.

How does Sea Puzzle work:
— get points placing blocks on the field. Each part of a block gives you different amount of points;
— fill horizontal and vertical raws and get extra points;
— fill more then one raw for one move and get combo;
— collect boost energy to get vertical and horizontal raws at one time.

Player versus Player competitions:
— face off against players selected just for you by Skillz platform;
— play face to face with one player or take part in multiplayer tournaments;
— in head to head games both players get the same blocks in the same order;
— the player who finishes with the most points wins!

Compete Worldwide:
— challenge players from all over the world;
— see where you stand on the leaderboard;
— earn special bonuses and show everyone your ingenuity and resourcefulness skills;
— compete for virtual game currency.

Sea Puzzle is totally free! Download, play and win! It is extremely funny!